Friday, October 26, 2007

Water, water, everywhere...

The headlines say it all:
"Study: Climate change will sap NM water supply!"
"No truce in tri-state water war!"
"Ramona residents back home – without water!"
"'No water = no Beer'!"

When futurists talk about the change to a Hydrogen economy, I'm not sure this is what they had in mind.
Remember the movie "Ice Pirates"? Basically it was about the future, when water is so precious that people happily fight and kill for it. Well, that time is here.

Here are three simple ways to reduce your water usage and save some of that sweet di-hydrogen monoxide for making ice.

1.) The Aqus!
From Watersaver Technologies: This marvy little device sits under your sink and collects the water when you're brushing your teeth, then it filters it and sends it over to your toilet tank to help flush the nasties away. Smart.

But, your commode wouldn't need water if you had one of these sweet babies!

2.) The BioLet 60 XL!
From BioLet. It's an odorless, waterless, composting toilet. Everytime you flush, 1.6 GALLONS of fresh water enter our sewer system. That's more than your average African gets to drink in a day. Every. Single. Flush.
Not with the BioLet 60 XL!

And finally, if water is scarce, just make your own!

3.) Rainwater Catchment Systems!
From various suppliers. Unfortunately, few companies (that I could find) in the U.S. are providing complete systems for capturing, filtering and utilizing rainwater. But the D.I.Y. spirit is as American as apple pie! And many places supply the individual pieces one would need to set something up.
The idea is simple: lots of clean water falls from the sky every year. Your house could store it for you to use at your leisure. Water for showers, the garden, pets and popsicles!

There are answers to every problem out there, if we work together and use our collective smarts.


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