Thursday, February 14, 2008

+E (Positive Energy) Baby T-Shirts!

Hi Everyone!

I promise not to only blog about baby stuff, but I'm in baby world right now, what can I say?
There are so many great organic baby clothing companies out there. A mother and daughter team, both graphic designers, started a company called +E, meaning Positive Energy! I love their baby T-shirts. We were given them as a present when our munchkin was born. We received ones that say “Wet”, “Feed” and “Dirty”. I love that, at first glance, people just think they mean that he needs to be fed or have his diaper changed!

Their goal is to communicate messages that help us get through life. It's awesome that not only to they make us aware of the issues, but they also give solutions.

For example, on the shirt that says “Feed”, the BACK of the shirt says:


More than 800 million people in the world are starving. In developing countries hunger-related causes kill 6 million children each year. One in ten households in the U.S. are living with hunger or are at risk of hunger.


Understand that the challenge we face is not production of food and wealth, but getting it to the people who need it most • Help spread the word against political climates that restrict emergency relief efforts as well as systematically starve their people because of failed economic policies • Empower people to find ways to improve their lives by providing opportunities for training and awareness.”

On their website, it says they are also working on a line of children’s books which teaches how our positive actions and kindness towards others has a ripple effect. I can’t wait to read these to my kid!

I love what the mother and daughter team over at +E are doing! Check them out and spread the word! We all can use a little more Positive Energy!

Have a wonderful day!