Wednesday, February 20, 2008

SFNYC Assignment 2: Update

Good Morning All,

Alright, here is me turning in Assignment 2.

This is an image I created called "War and Peace."

I made it by taking two pictures:

Then, in Photoshop, I combined them and traced over them.
That's right, I straight up traced.
Do whatever you got to to make your dreams come true, baby.

I was really inspired by the forms of the two hands, and I let them take me on a little journey.

And all of those led up to this:

"War and Peace."

Create something, or snap a pic of something you've already created, and share it with us! Please.

And if you like these images, please use them. In fact, if you'd like the .psd files with the separate layers for each hand, email:, and I'll send 'em on over.

Love to all.

Be excellent to each other.


1 comment:

LIttleflame said...

I actually like the one peace sign with all the hand guns surrounding it. Sometimes I feel I'm the one wanting peace surrounded by all the contention. Good piece anyway. :)