Monday, February 4, 2008

Scott Brown - "How Facebook Exposed Us All As Freaks."

The newest issue of Wired (Sarah Silverman cover) has an extraordinary article in it.
Scott Brown, I don't know who you are, but your lingo is tantalizing.

I'm a big fan of slang, leetspeak, in-jokes, tech-jargon, and this little gem of a piece is chock full of it.


Selectibitionist - someone who creates an online persona that only represents a facet of their real persona, i.e. for Myspace I rock the obligatory abs-flexed shirtless pic, vs. my Facebook page with it's more conservative (read: $$$) button-down rugby shirt, Abercrombie look.

Identity Hive - App that enables the selectibitionists to show off their goods. (facebook, friendster, myspace, j-date,, etc.)

"The suicide of privacy" - No one's going to take our privacy away. We're just going to hand it over without a fight. Blogging, twitter, flickr all let us give our private photos, ideas, locations, activities, away to whoever wants to know, free of charge, no need for waterboarding.

Fascinating and amazing times we live in.

Here's the article:

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