Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Museum NYC

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Have I been asleep, in a cave, with my head under a rock?

How did I not notice this?! How did I not notice this ravishing, thrillingly wonderful building? And the fact that this incredible building is an art museum?!

I'm slipping.

This is the New Museum on Bowery. Easily one of the tastiest buildings in Manhattan.

"On December 1, 2007, the New Museum opens its first freestanding, dedicated building. Conceived as a sculptural stack of rectilinear boxes dynamically shifted off-axis around a central steel core, this innovative structure has a variety of open, fluid, and light-filled spaces, with skylights created by the setbacks between floors. The exterior is clad in a seamless, anodized aluminum mesh, which emphasizes the volumes of the boxes while dressing the whole building in a delicate, softly shimmering skin. The elegantly rough structure suits both the New Museum’s character as well as its neighborhood. The edifice appears as a shimmering beacon, visually mutable and dynamic, animated by the changing light of the day—a perfect metaphor for the ever-changing nature of contemporary art. Inaugural exhibitions include “Unmonumental,” an international group show in four parts, as well as exhibitions and special projects by YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES, Ugo Rondinone, Jeffrey Inaba, and Sharon Hayes."

You'll notice in the first picture the rainbow neon sign on the front?
This building screams "Hell Yes!", and I wanna scream "Hell Yes!" right back.

Here's their intel: New Museum Site

Look at their mission statement, it's four words!:

I love it!

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