Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dean Kamen's New Arm

Dean Kamen...


For those of you saying: "Who?"
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The modern-day Da Vinci has once more outdone himself. Beyond inventing the first portable dialysis machine, or heart stents, or insulin pumps, or gyroscopic wheelchairs, he's now set his sights on prosthetics.

Because so many of our troops in Iraq are coming back missing one or both arms, the Department of Defence came to him and asked him for help. He researched the idea and his team came up with the most amazing thing I've seen today: A working prototype of a prosthetic arm.

Check out this video:

I love and worship this man's ingenuity.

Few people have done so much in so short an amount of time to help their fellow humans. Dean Kamen is an inspiration to us all.

p.s. check out ALL the TED talks! They are so inspiring.
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