Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Peace is Sexy

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Hello all!

I think the anti-war movement is forgetting a very important marketing tool, namely, peace is sexy as hell.

Know why?

Because when things are peaceful, people have time to feel sexy, and to be sexy.

To love and be loved.
To find one another, to fall in love, to make babies, to raise them with love.
These wonderful things are very difficult when the people around you are fighting and dying.

As I walk around my hood in Brooklyn, I see fliers posted up for an anti-racism march.

I can't help but think: "Why anti-racism?"

Why not pro-tolerance?
Why not pro-togetherness?

And why call it a march?
Why not just say: We're having a party for peace.

You can't scream in someones face to remind them how important peace is. But you can laugh, and sing, and be in love, and hear music, and check out your fellow man, who are there to check you out too.

Every "march" or "protest" I've ever been to has been like a big party.

You're there to see everyone else and you're there to have a good time. The last thing you'd want is for things to get violent.

If it's peace you want, it's peaceful you must be.

So as you go through your day, don't forget to party for peace, love for peace, feel sexy for peace, laugh for peace, and pray for peace.

Love to all,


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Anonymous said...

but then, not every1 thinks like u(unfortunately =.=) so u cant juz walk right up to some idiot holding a gun and start dancing and laughing and talking...he'll juz shoot u