Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SuperForestry Service!

Every year, loads and loads of discarded X-mas trees line the streets of this great nation of ours.

This sort of bummed me out. Until yesterday, when I walked down the Chelsea street and spied this:

Some clever little duckling has taken the branches from several trees and used them to mulch the bases of planter boxes!


I smiled, took a pic, and continued on my way.

Then I passed this:

Here, the trees had been chipped and then spread as mulch. The most wonderful thing was the smell. The second most wonderful thing is the recycling, plus the added nutrients that will nourish the soil as the mulch breaks down. Fabulous.

Who is doing this? I must know. I will do some research and get back to y'all.

Smart solutions.

From this:

(pic via

To this:

Go humans!!!!



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