Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Okay, I did some research and here's what I've found:

(from the NY Times)

"In New York City, officials are urging people with real Christmas trees to recycle them. At MulchFest, which is run by the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation, residents can not only drop off their trees at the 85 parks, but at 30 of the parks, they can also pick up free bags of mulch — loose wood chips — for use in their yards and gardens. The mulch that is not claimed by residents will be used by the Parks Department to line tree pits along the streets and flower beds in the parks."

I love this city sooooooo much.

Little by little we improve and correct.

That is the SuperForest way.

Go Mike Bloomberg!

Mulchfest site


unitybroth said...

America needs and deserves a president with vision and a proven track record of solving tough problems and delivering real results, a president who can bring America together through true leadership and fine character.

I believe that Mayor Bloomberg, a proven successful businessman and public servant, is that leader to help us rebuild our country.

But, we need to convince him to run!

Christine Norrie said...

We totally rocked out at Mulchfest in Washington Square Park.

You might think a three-year old kid would be devastated to see their much loved present-bearing tree get violently shredded, but she was thrilled and is now quite proud to inform everyone that our mulch will help the trees and flowers grow-grow-grow in our very own park!