Thursday, June 5, 2008

RepRap Replicates!

The RepRap is an affordable rapid prototyping machine whose creators encourage users to build one, and then use their RepRaps to create offspring RepRaps, and then to share those 2nd gen RepRaps with others, who make still more RepRaps, on and on... (see April's SFNYC post: RepRap Self-Replicating 3-D Printer.)

Well, here is a photo of the first RepRap replication!

"Adrian (left) and Vik (right) with a parent RepRap machine, made on a conventional rapid prototyper, and the first complete working child RepRap machine, made by the RepRap on the left. The child machine made its first successful grandchild part at 14:00 hours UTC on 29 May 2008 at Bath University in the UK, a few minutes after it was assembled."


Darwin: Optoswitch bracket timelapse build from eD Sells on Vimeo

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