Friday, November 30, 2007

Amazing Recycling Book For Kids! (And Growns!)

Hello All,

Today I was given an amazing book. It's called "Recycled Crafts Box," by Laura Martin. The R.C.B. is a instruction guide for making wonderful and whimsical toys out of recycled materials.

Ms. Martin has thoughtfully broken each chapter down by material, so if you have, say, a big stack of paper that you were otherwise going to put in a landfill, why not use it to make this!:

A little house! My favorite part is the cotton ball chimney smoke. Ingenious!

And look at this! A timeline of Trash!

A mere two hundred years ago, almost all of our trash was in some way recycled, either by reusing things, composting things, or using household scraps as animal feed. Now, we simply pile it up, cover it with dirt, and there it sits.

This book cleverly shows many ways of not only reducing our waste stream, but also having a good time learning and creating in the process, and by doing that, you'll be taking steps to protect your fellow humans.

I will be using/referencing this book often in years to come.

Go on Amazon, buy this book, make things with your children.

Huzzah to Ms. Martin, who is today's recipient of the SuperforestNYC Rad Person Award!

Love to all,


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