Thursday, November 29, 2007

You're Stepping On My Ads!

Hello All!

I was just at the Metreon in San Francisco and saw something that made me smile.

A company called Reactrix has created an ingenious thing: an advertising carpet!
Well, not really a carpet, but a reflective mat on the ground, with images projected from above, so that when you walk across it, the images underfoot react to your presence. The best part? You can interact with everything!
There's a space game where you control a little spaceship with your foot, firing lasers by tapping your toes!
There's a ninja game where you flick throwing stars with your feet.
There's a Skittles ad where you walk around and piles of Skittles accumulate at your feet.

I must have spent twenty minutes looking at this thing.

Reactrix has done something very special, they've found a fabulous and engaging new way to advertise.
This is very much the new way. Don't just show me the product, let me engage with it. Let me kick it. Let me fling ninja stars at it with my feet. Let me walk through piles of it. Treat me like a thinking human being, and I won't resent being advertised to.

There is no limit to the great things one could do with the Reactrix System. As a teaching tool, it could be immensely useful. As a method of getting people to play together, as an ice-breaker, this system's use is unparalleled.

And the best part: Look at the way kids engage with it. Kids completely understand the tech, while most adults seemed content to stand at the edges and watch.

Don't watch, play.



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