Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Syntroleum: Part I - Chicken Fat to Jet Fuel!

Sometimes I'm a bad environmentalist. I say this this because I utilize commercial airline travel. A lot. I figure that I fly roughly twice a month.

So it excites me greatly to learn that the nice folks over at Syntroleum have developed a process that allow them to turn just about any fat, including vegetable fats, into both biodiesel and jet fuel. All clean burning and renewable. They've also signed a deal with Tyson Chicken to convert chicken fat into fuel. Very tasty.

Here's a blurb from their website:

"Building on over 20 years experience, Syntroleum has proven its ability to produce synthetic fuels from a wide variety of feedstock—from natural gas to fats, oils and greases. The Fischer-Tropsch process has already been utilized through the company’s comprehensive labs and production facilities to produce significant amounts of synthetic diesel and jet fuel. These fuels have been successfully proven to perform better than conventional fuels across most operating parameters, including emissions, thermal stability, and cetane. With the growing demand for renewable fuels worldwide, Syntroleum is also utilizing its Biofining™ technology to produce renewable synthetic fuels with the same superior qualities."

Just think, the era of fossil fuels is really and truly drawing to a close. And we'll all live to see it end! Huzzah to progress and technology! Huzzah to Science!

And especially, huzzah to my friend Oded who alerted Superforest to this wonderful breakthrough.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I must say that they are a subsidiary of Halliburton, but that's great! Good on you, Halliburton. We need more major companies investing in clean-tech and this is certainly a giant leap in the right direction.)

I plan on getting in touch with Syntroleum when I return to NYC after Thanksgiving, so check back for some sweet sweet content.



Investor PDF: syntroleum.com
Info on the Fischer-Tropsch Process: wikipedia.org

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