Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Contest! Ends Jan 1!!!


Here's the deal.
You wanna win your very own prints of Eco-maths One and Two?
Each one will be beautifully printed on the finest of papers, and hand signed by me.

To win, you must simply come up with a title for this image:

In it, I envision a wonderful (and completely possible) present.
In the top-left corner, a Garbage truck is dumping garbage into a Sorting Machine.
The Sorter then separates the trash into three things:



And Recyclables

The compost is used to grow delicious food.
The recyclables are compressed into bales and sent to be remade into new products.
(Ideally, they'd be remade very nearby.)
And the biofuels help the garbage truck, the crane, the tractor, and the big rig run on clean, domestic, and renewable fuel.

What shall we call this little beauty?

Simply put your idea in the comments section at the bottom.

A winner will be chosen by me* on the last day of the year.



*And by "me," I mean a cow, wandering around a field with a grid painted on it.

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Hannah said...

creamsicle kingdom!