Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Supermen. Superwomen.

Humanity seems to be waiting for a Superman.

A shining God/King to alight on Earth from the heavens and solve our collective problems. Save the Rainforests, save the Polar Bears, save the Imperiled, the Downtrodden, the Hopeless.

Who can defeat Genocide? Who can stop Terror?

Superman could.

But Superman ain't real.

The good news: SuperMEN is real. SuperWOMEN is real. (I will just use the masculine form from here on so as not to be tedious.)
There is no one single entity that will be able to address the myriad of issues we face. No flawless Immortal to put fear and suffering back in its box.

No, there is not one. There are hundreds of thousands.

I speak of the private citizen, working together with other private citizens to bring about equity and balance.

I'm talking about the spirit of ALTRUISM.

Altruism: Noun. "The belief in or practice of disinterested or selfless concern for the well-being of others."

Everywhere you look, there is a Bono, or a Bill and Melinda Gates, or a Bill Clinton, or a Desmond Tutu, or any of the many others who believe in altruism and are hard at work to make sure that others enjoy the same freedoms that they enjoy. Breath clean air like they breath. Be free to criticize their countries leaders, like they are free to do.

What to call this emerging conciousness? The New Way? Neo-Optimism? Pragmatism Plus?

Whatever you call it, it is hard at work, and it is winning adherents.

The new way is not to fight. The new way is to relentlessly support.

We are the Superman. We together are the great shining God.

Together we can move mountains and conquer death. Alone we can only continue to struggle.

Love to all,


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