Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Apple Me (From Birth)

A friend and I just had a mini-conversation. We were talking about his 5 month old son. Specifically, how transfixed he was with both the videos on a computer monitor, and our iPhones. My friend was saying how he loved to show his son pictures with the touchscreen, and the boy loved the fact that he could teeth on the rubber grip around the edge.

Considering all it can do, the iPhone is but a tiny thing.

I'd like to go on record with the following prediction.

The baby is 5 months old. Considering that he'll likely reproduce at an average age for a white, American, male, (which is 30.7), and considering that his children will probably do much the same thing, (If he has boys. The average age in girls is 21.9), in approximately 60.9 years his children's children will PROBABLY have iPhones, (the equivalent communication/memory/camera device,) built into their bodies from birth.

It won't be weird, it will be perfectly normal. We'll all have them.

The technology in 2067.9 will be so small, so magnificently integrated, that we will all be walking computers. Able to communicate telepathically, record and share our memories, and work as one to overcome our every obstacle.

This will get us ready for the next step, which is indestructable bodies and immortal conciousness.

Which will PROBABLY begin to happen around the time of our children's children's children, 30.7 years later.

So, if you can somehow make it until 2098.6, you can probably live forever.

At least as long as you wanted to.

Enjoy your Wednesday night!



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