Thursday, November 8, 2007

Super Blimp

Super Blimp

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This is Lockheed Martin's new top-secret Super Cargo Blimp. I'm really excited about this.

Firstly: Blimps are quiet, majestic and safe.
Secondly: You can run them on anything. All-electric, solar, biodiesel, veggie oil, ethanol, whatevs.

Imagine these replacing trucks. As anyone who has ever driven on a freeway can agree, trucks and commercial vehicles shouldn't really be sharing a roadway. Countless accidents a year happen because of the size disparity between trucks and cars.

Cargo blimps like these could free up roadspace, while running cleaner and quiter than anything we've got that rolls.

Rolling goods around on wheels is SO '06.

Yay blimps!



nicole said...

That is super rad! Imagine if that is how kids got to school everyday? The new schoolbus!

jacksonNYC said...

Yeah! The world's best schoolbus.