Tuesday, December 4, 2007

SuperTrend: Guerrilla Gardening!

Destruction is sooooo '06.

Everyone knows that when it comes to venting ones angst against the madness all around us, the cool thing is not to get crazy and destroy, the cool thing is to get crazy and create! Yes, to create wonderful things and gift them to your fellow man! Public spectacle! Inspiration for the pedestrian masses!

That is the spirit behind guerrilla gardening.

Here's how it works:

1.) Find an abandoned, overgrown, empty, trash-filled, or otherwise uncared for bit of land.

2.) Clean it if it's dirty, or till it if it's not.

3.) Plant flowers and shrubs. Water.

4.) Watch as people passing by the new garden experience a new-found wonder at the green-space and an appreciation for your (anonymous) work.

Sounds fun!

Here in New York we have a Brooklyn organization called Trees Not Trash. Run by the incandescent Kate Gilliam, T.N.T. takes old and funky and makes new and spunky.

Check it. (via treesnottrash)

Take all the nasties out, plus hipsters get much needed sunshine.

"We trimmed the hedges!"

In come the happy trees.

nicey nice.

If you'd like to get involved, donate your time, $$$, whatevs, shoot an email over to: getinvolved@treesnottrash.org

Here's their site: treesnottrash.org

And here's a Gothamist interview with Kate Gilliam: gothamist.com/kategilliam

Here's a gardening group in Hell's Kitchen: clintoncommunitygarden.org

And here's a London organization called Guerrilla Gardening: guerrillagardening.org

And Kate Gilliam? You straight up get today's SuperForest Good Person Award.

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