Sunday, December 2, 2007

Things I Love: Techno Air Filter Mask

Okay, let's face facts: wearing a mask out in public is a bit weird.

For some reason it is culturally acceptable to cover ones eyes with sunglasses, but not to cover ones nose and mouth. That said, I live and work in NY, and the air quality here is... lacking.

Last summer I was living in Harlem and riding my bike to and from Chelsea every day. Between the car exhaust, the construction dust, and the helicopter fuel, it was quite a workout on my lungs.

So I went online to and got one of these sweet babies!

The Techno Air Filter Mask!

Here is some product info:

"The Techno Gold mask combines Hepa-Type filtration for sub-micron pollutants with the Dynamic ACC (Activated Charcoal Cloth) filter. This combination provides increased filtration ability covering a broader spectrum of pollutants than either filter on its own.
Working in combination with the Techno Gold filter, are two
new Techno valves specifically designed to improve airflow
performance on exhalation. With these new features, the
Techno Gold mask is at the top of the range in performance
and conforms to European Standard EN149FFP1(S).

Filters Out:
Hydrocarbons including Benzene & Pyrene, Nitrogen Oxides,
Sulphur Dioxide, Lead Oxide, and Black Smoke. Sub-Micron
Particulates including Pollen Dust, Rape Seed Dust, Irritant
Dusts and Clay Dust."

I wore mine while biking. I wore it while out on walks. I wore it during the hottest hot of the New York summer. And I felt great. The mask works really well at filtering out city funk while not suffocating me or getting sweaty inside.

Today I went for a walk with my dog and threw it on. It kept my face nice and toasty while warming and filtering the air I breathed. I love this thing. I highly recommend it to anyone who is going to travel to a city where the air is bad, or who likes a warm face in the winter, or who is concerned about getting the flu and wants to put a bit of distance between their breathing holes and the world.

Personality is all in the eyes anyway.

Viva Masks!

Wear it in the Summer.

Wear it in the Winter.

Be safe out there. Stay warm.


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