Tuesday, April 15, 2008

5 Great Things To Do With Old Subway Cars (That don't involve sinking them in the ocean)

Hello All,

There's been a lot of news lately about New York giving its old subway cars away to other states to use as artificial reefs. Fine and swell.

We think that there are other options for unused subway cars. Lots of options.

Here are five of them:

1.) Free Housing: Subway cars are made to last. Stack them up, add some sustainable amenities, wiring, insulation, etc. and give a few of NY's many homeless people a place to call their own.
Like what Lot-ek did with airplane fuselages, but with subway cars.

Remember, fish aren't the only ones who need housing.

2.) Bookmobiles: These cars are made to roll, so let 'em. Rebuild the bottom assembly so that they can cruise the city streets, fill them with books, blammo! Instant bookmobile.
There are a lot of places in the 5 Boroughs that could use more books.

But why just books? Free medical aid for people who need it? Public restrooms for our streets? Recycling centers? Used clothing collection centers?

Could be so nice! Can't teach a fish to read.

3.) Playgrounds: Kids love to play, but outdoor playgrounds keep them at the mercy of the weather. With the addition of a subway car, now retrofitted with playground equipment, a playground can operate irregardless of the wind and rain. And parents can utilize the benefit of a nice, quiet house while their kids are out running off steam.

Looks like a jungle-gym already! Weather-proof fun! Play "conductor!" All aboard! Ding ding!

4.) Refurbish Them: What exactly is wrong with these cars in the first place? Fix them up and get them on the G line so we can get to work on time, yo!

5.) Recycle them: You're telling me that there isn't some artist collective in Brooklyn who would just die to get their hands on one of these? Strip it down, cut it apart, make beds and tables and shelves and furniture. Make anything! Artists make goods, people buy them, everyone wins.
Then you've provided folks with a clean, taxable revenue stream. Go NY!

These subway cars are a straight ASSET. Let's treat them as such. It is simply disrespectful to ship them to another state and then drop them in the ocean. Especially to do it for free when so many folks here in Manhattan could use the assistance.

How many uses for a retired subway car can you think up?
Got ideas? Send them in to: Superforestnyc@gmail.com

Let's look out for one another and keep each other safe.

Love to all,

Team SuperForest.

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I LOVE this kind of action! Let's all get our collective brain working on real stuff you know. This is my fave post yet. Great thoughts. I am impressed and inspired~