Monday, April 21, 2008

Scottish Gov' Announces $20 Million Ocean Power X-Prize!

Just read this over at inhabitat.

Apparently, the Scottish Government just posted a $20 million dollar prize for advances in ocean power generating systems, a.k.a. the Saltire Prize

Says Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond:
"The Scottish Government it is to offer the world's largest ever single prize for innovation in marine renewable energy.

The Saltire Prize is a £10 million award (US$20 million) designed to galvanise world scientists to push the frontiers of innovation in the crucial area of clean, green energy. Entrants for the prize will demonstrate their innovations in Scotland.

The announcement was made as part of Scotland Week at the world headquarters of the National Geographic Society in Washington by First Minister Alex Salmond.

Noting that Scotland is a world leader in alternative energy, Mr Salmond said that the Saltire Prize will put Scotland at the very heart of the battle against climate change and will promote collaboration and partnerships with scientists in Scotland and across the world."

Ooooooh! X-Prizes? We LOVE X-Prizes!
We need X-Prizes for simply everything, darlings!

Wave power today, flying suits tomorrow!

The Saltire Prize is especially interesting because it's being sponsored by a government.
I wish our government was more aggressively working on things like this.

We put a man on the moon, we can certainly use a wave to power a light bulb.

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