Thursday, April 24, 2008

Steven Leckart: 5 Days Off the Grid - Day 3

Episode 3: In which our hero's legs play power generator.

Steve's 3 days into his off the grid challenge, and what fun it's been so far!

Day one: He charged!
Day two: He cooked! (Or tried to)
Day three: He high steps his way to autonomy!


A fascinating journey, and one for the books. So far, it seems like one can live a semi-normal life, without surrendering too many creature comforts, and reduce one's carbon impact significantly.

Great news.

Go Steve!

Read his progress over at

p.s. We don't mean to eCrush on him or nothing, but someone as photogenic as Steve should do more visual content. You hear us, Steve? Let the world see more of that sustainable kisser!

You're our off the grid hero, Yo!

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