Friday, April 18, 2008

Brooklyn's Renegade Craft Fair

Mark your googlecalendars kiddies!

Brooklyn's Renegade Craft Fair is just around the corner!

"The Renegade Craft Fair is a unique DIY event held 4 times a year in Brooklyn, NY, Chicago, IL and San Francisco, CA. RCF has gained a reputation over the last five years as being the biggest, best and the most well-known of all the DIY craft fairs out there. Each individual fair draws hundreds of applicants and tens of thousands of shoppers from all over the country and abroad! At the RCF you'll find all sorts of cool handmade stuff ranging from comic books to craft kits, silkscreened posters to reconstructed clothing."

Yeah Yeah Yeah! Sexy hipster-types plying their wares in sheer defiance of the Summer heat?!

We're so there.

Here is the RCF site if you'd like to have a booth or want to know more: Renegade Craft Fair

We'll post a reminder as the event draws nigh, but what are we, your mom? Write that S down.

Love to all,

Team SuperForest


Laurie Ann said...

Thanks for featuring a picture of Heidi Kenney's work. Everyone needs a toast plushie.

becca said...

The Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls is hosting a raffle at this weekend's Renegade Craft Fair at the McCarren Park Pool in Williamsburg.

Raffle tickets are $1 and help to give scholarships to girls attending the week-long summer camp. Help give a girl an empowering experience she'll never forget!

See you at Booth 201!