Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Modern Sheds!

Sheds. One of life's unfortunate necessities. They sit in the backyard, gobbling up the overflow from our already full lives.
Usually they are shabby affairs. Uninspiring in design and made of the cheapest possible materials.

Now there is hope!

Modern Sheds!


Check out for their complete line of great looking sheds.
Sheds... heh heh. Where did that word come from?

Let's ask the Truth Box....

Here it is, from wikipedia:


The word is recorded in English since 1481, as shadde, possibly a variant of shade. The word shade comes from the Old English word "sceadu", which means "shade, shadow, darkness." The term's P.Gmc. cognate, "skadwo" also means "shady place, protection from glare or heat."

The Old English word is spelled in different ways, such as shadde, shad or shedde, all of which come from an "Old Teutonic/Anglo-Saxon root word for separation or division." The first attested usage of the word, in 1481, was in the sentence "A yearde in whiche was a shadde where in were six grete dogges." The Anglo Saxon word "shud", which means "cover" may also have been part of the development of the word. In 1440, a "shud" was defined as a "... schudde, hovel, swyne kote or howse of sympyl hyllynge [covering] to kepe yn beestys."

You heard the man, kepe yn beestys in yr schudde! Beestys like it that way.

Special thanks to SuperForester Jon for telling us about!

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