Thursday, April 24, 2008

Where Do You Get Your News?

Afternoon All!

Jackson here.

Whenever I meet people these days, if we have the chance to have a real, honest to goodness conversation, I'm bound to ask: "Where do you get your news?"

I don't have a television. I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't ever like to ever own one again. (I'd prefer a nice HD projector.)

That said, I no longer get my info from TV, and what a difference it seems to make in terms of my daily outlook. I was over at SuperForester Andrew's apartment recently to watch Saturday Night Live and was completely transfixed by the television. The opinions and information in every moment are such an incredible peek into the zeitgeist (spirit of the times,) that I wonder if perhaps I should get back into TV, or risk being left behind.

Nah... The truth box is all the TV I need.

So now I get my info from the internet, and I am free to check facts, balance multiple viewpoints, and cross-reference news items in a way that I feel portrays events in a much more objective light.

So here is where I get my "news": - the broad strokes. - the Amero-centric broad strokes and assorted zaniness. - Pink news ("green" is over.) - Pink architecture and design news - Nerdcore wonderland - Sexy nerdcore wonderland - wry design and kid-centric product news - reference (taken with a grain of salt, but taken liberally) - all things Hollywood. - all things nerd Hollywood fanboy-style. - the hipster version of 60 Minutes.

It is through these 11 sites that I get my daily dose of news, information, and opinions.
I love these sites dearly, and champion them relentlessly.

So, tell me: Where do you get your news?

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