Thursday, April 17, 2008


Morning All!

Here's what we're digging on this Thursday.


Futurefarmers is an art and design collective out in California, and they are doing some very cool things:

Sundial watch! Comes in Summer only, or year-round models!

Lunchbox laboratory allows young scientists to participate in screening different strains of algae. This will in turn help the scientists who are developing algael-biofuels. Minty!
The powers of collective effort cannot be underestimated.

Pogo-shovel! Bounce around the field breaking up dirt clogs and burning away flab! Win/win!

Futurefarmers has an artist in residence (AIR) program that provides assistance to artists working on sustainably themed works.

Futurefarmers AIR program.

So if you are or know of an artist currently working to improve the human environment, apply for a grant through Futurefarmers.

Nice work, y'all!

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