Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bloomberg Wants Solar Panels For NY Buildings!

Hey All,

Our boy Mayor Mikey B. wants him some solar panels on all state owned buildings in Manhattan!

Parse this!:

“New York City is moving ahead vigorously on our PlaNYC agenda, especially in the all-important area of reducing our reliance on the carbon-based fuels that contribute to global warming,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “We’ve set a target of shrinking our carbon footprint by 30% by the year 2030. Increasing the use of renewable energy, like solar power, is a key strategy in that effort. Using solar power decreases demand for electricity from the power grid, which is typically generated by burning the fossil fuels that contribute to climate change.”
-Mikey B.

Ooooh snap!
Thems some sweet words. A 30 percent reduction in carbon output by 2030?
Minty green.

All this greening going on, we'd better be careful or it'll be Utopia before we know it.

Here is the original story from NYC.gov: Bloomy Wants Solar!

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