Monday, April 21, 2008

Inspiring Artists: Dave Soldier & Nina Mankin

Morning All,

We forgot to mention in the Komar & Melamid post that the two mind-blowing sound-stravaganzas that are the Most Wanted and Most Unwanted Songs were composed by the incomparable Dave Soldier, with lyrics by the golden high priestess of amazingness, Nina Mankin.

So Komar & Melamid compiled the data, and Soldier & Mankin assembled the songs.

What incredible talents to have written both of those pieces.

As anyone who has heard the Most Unwanted Song can attest to, they have created something entirely new, as a gift to the present and future. The benchmark that all other purposefully awful songs will be compared to.

Here are the links to each of their websites.

Dave Soldier!!!

Nina Mankin!!!

Check 'em out.


Team SF

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