Monday, April 28, 2008

Steven Leckart - Last Day Off Grid

Episode 5 - In which our hero wins his just desserts, and reflections on the week past.

Steven Leckart - Day 5

Here's a nice quote:

"With enough money, you could do this, no question. Yet, with about $5,000 worth of gear, I wasn’t leading even a semblance of the life I’m used to. Beyond the massive cutback in the time I normally spend typing at my desk, here’s a short list of what unexpectedly fell off my radar while I tended to the solar garden: all news, the election, Flickr, Facebook, my iPod, instant messaging, most personal e-mail, shampooing, all household chores (again, just ask my wife), calling my parents, and taking time to respond to the comments left on my previous posts. Thank you for reading and for all the encouragement!

So would I try this again? Maybe. Under the same conditions, not a chance. I'd definitely want more gear (short list below!), and I'd have to see about tracking down a typewriter. All this long hand is killing my wrist."

Doesn't sound so bad. Sounds pretty great actually.

It has been wonderful to follow Steven's progress.

Thank you, Steven, for the Earth Week inspiration!

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