Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Real Life Superheroes!

Zetaman is a superhero who does not fight crime. Well, not exactly. He fights the moral crime of homelessness. This paragraph is making less and less sense, let's try again...

Zetaman goes out several times a month and gives aid to the homeless in Portland, Oregon. He wears a cool costume, but unlike Batman, his utility belt is full of coupons, homeless outreach vouchers, and granola bars.

His real name and identity are unknown, but his mission is one we can all get down with: Help those who need it.

The world needs heroes, and ordinary folks like you and me are popping up all over the U.S. to be heroic.

People like the Capital City Super Squad

"The Capital City Super Squad is a volunteer organization using superhero identities to inspire and help the people living, working and visiting Washington DC.

The Capital City Super Squad engages in civic activities in the guise of superheroes to help the people of Washington through safety patrols, community events, fundraisers and other activities. At the current time we have seven active members; Captain Prospect, team leader, Nice Ninja, Spark, Siren, Justice, DC Guardian and The Puzzler. They are a part of what some call a movement of Real Life Superheroes around the world. The team is always looking for community events where we can help and for new members to the team with the shared goal of improving their community and inspiring others."

Helping the community and inspiring others? Sounds heroic to us!

There are a ton of Real Life Superhero sites and organizations:

Capital City Super Squad

World Superhero Registry

Heroes Network

It's all about thinking globally, acting locally, and giving selflessly to your community.
I love that I am writing these words right now.

Life is good.

Much love goes out to all the RLSH's out there, working hard to uphold justice.

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