Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This is rad. Just found it over at martinjmorris.blogspot

“Cookumentary” by Martin Morris (6 mins)

Jonas “The Johnnycake Man” (78) is one the very special characters who lives on Bocas Island in the Northern Caribbean coast of Panama. On Wednesdays and Sundays, Jonas peddles the streets of Bocas Town selling his homemade Johnnycakes from the box on the front of his bike.

“Johnnycakes” are small coconut milk breads traditionally baked in a pot over the fire. They are a Creole specialty, and along with other treats such as banana pudding and coconut balls, can be found throughout the Caribbean.

Jonas’ Johnnycakes are some of the best around and he is very proud (and protective) of his recipe. This cookumentary is a special opportunity to spend some time with Jonas and get baking with an expert. Why are they called “Johnnycakes”? …Watch and find out!"

A very sweet little film. Just the right thing to get you in the mood for lunch.

Click on “The Johnnycake Man

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