Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Steven Leckart: 5 Days Off the Grid - Day 2

Episode 2: In which our hero harnesses the power of the sun to make things hotter.

Read all about it: Steven Leckart Off the Grid

"...I couldn’t wait to bust out Surfer Chef’s Solar Cooking System, a simple, $35 plastic box about the size of power-drill case. So yesterday, with intense caffeine withdrawal setting in, I attempted to fire it up...

Step One: Obtain water.
[two caveats, all you off-grid sticklers: 1) I’m still using plumbing, just no hot water — for the sanctity of my marriage, flushing the toilet is the least I can do; 2) I’m also using a liquid fuel camping stove to cook my meals]

Step Two: Place water in a microwaveable bag and then in special plastic cooking pouch.

Step Three: Position in sun.
[note: I used an additional reflector (not pictured) to concentrate the light into the cooker.]

Step four: Wait."

More! More! We want to know more!
What no vlogging? Video log that sweet sweet sweetness!

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