Monday, November 10, 2008

Ask SuperForest: Christine's Question!

Good Morning SuperForest!

We've just received a question from SuperForester Christine:

"Dear SuperForest,

Hello! How are you? I love your blog!

So, I've got a bit of a dilemma and hope you can help. I'm a busy working single mom who is in need of streamlining my dining. I'm a dutiful recycler and re-user, but am finding that I'd like to eliminate the need for that by simply using smarter products. So, I'm in search of something that can allow me to store food in batches that can be easily reheated. Here's wherein my challenge lies because I'd like in this food container:

1) no plastic, I'm tired of so much of it around

2) lightweight, for on the go

3) varied sizes, for different yummy things

4) freezer-capable, to use later

5) oven-capable, I don't own a microwave

I reuse my plastic take-out containers, but then have to scoop that food into oven-ready dishes, then serve onto our dish ware, and that's just a lot of dishes and wasted energy! My poor hands! Anyway, my desire is to be able to cook and prepare nice healthy foods for myself and my daughter, which I can then store (be it a couple days or weeks), pop in the oven, serve or sometimes eat from, then wash and repeat!

Hope you can help!

Your biggest fan,

Christine Norrie
New York, New York

PS. Is it also too much to ask that it be designed nicely as well?"


Thank you for your question. I'm sure that by now a lot of folks have heard about the potential for plastic packaging to introduce some interesting chemicals into ones body, and are wondering about the safety of their food storage containers.

We think we have an elegant, long lasting, and beautifully designed solution:

Sanctus Mundo
is a Korean company that makes a wide variety of glass and stainless steel food containers. Yes, they are manufactured and shipped from Korea, but once here, they will last a long time and mitigate the use of many plastic containers.

Here's the pdf of the entire line.

Sanctus Mundo's products are imported by and are available through their website.

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