Friday, November 7, 2008

SuperForest Comics: Just Did It!

Yes, we did.
Have y'all been to

Obama has kept up his courageous fight against disappointment by creating a new website:, where he outlines his plan for darn near everything.

The withdrawal timetable for ending the Iraq war? Check.
His plans to rebuild the economy? Check.

It's amazing. Want to make a suggestion? Click here. Want a job in the Obama administration? Click here.

He's taken the momentum and energy of his campaign and simply kept the ball rolling with the creation of this transitional site. One supposes that when he is officially inaugurated, the site will be updated. His use of the internet has been nothing short of astounding.

Have a marvelous, relaxing, and productive weekend.

Much love,



carla said...

incredible! I had heard of the new website but hadn't checked it out until now. How awesome is it that we get to call him our (next) president! President Obama never ceases to inspire me. And that drawing is nothing short of perfect. The Adidas "Impossible is Nothing" slogan could work for him as well :)


jackson said...

yes, everyone should see this site. It's so inspiring.

april said...

That's great!!

Nice one, J.