Monday, November 24, 2008

SuperForester Neal's Geo Chalker!

Hello All,

Just got an email from SuperForester Neal, who wonders why we haven't yet covered the art car phenom. Hmmmm. We wondered the same thing!

It seems that the wily and clever SuperForester Neal has converted his Geo Tracker into a rolling chalkboard, redubbed: the Geo Chalker!

Take it away, Neal!

"Hello SuperForest,

I recently became a Superforest fan. I like the commitment to saving the world while still keeping things cool. The art postings are great too. One thing I don't see is any mention of art cars. I'd love to see someone cover this fringe art. As an art car driver myself, let me tell you why I chose to drive an art car.

My beat up, rusty 1996 Geo Tracker was a sore sight on the road. But being an artist and an employee of a nonprofit, I can't yet afford to purchase a better car. While I dream of one day having a zero emissions car, I'm stuck with what I've got. It may be ugly but it gets me there. Plus thanks to it's lightweight and four wheel drive, I'm rarely ever stuck in the MN snowfall. (To all considering 4x4 transportation, check out an old Tracker. Their small size and small engine get great gas milage compared to other SUV type vehicles. I still get 25+ mpg.)

I decided that if I have to drive this vehicle (I do bike whenever I can) it should at least add some kind of beauty to the roadways and parking lots of the world. So I decided to turn it into an art car. More specifically, an interactive art car where the rest of the world creates the art and I drive it around. I spraypainted the entire car in chalkboard paint and attached a bag of chalk to the spare tire. Two small signs encourage passerbys to leave their mark on my car, aptly named the Geo Chalker. When I see a new chalking, I snap a photo and upload to

I think you'll find that a lot of Superforesters out there would drive an art car if they had the choice and most art car artists would consider themselves a Superforester. I also encourage anyone out there to transform their car into a piece of art. The roadways of the world need a touch of beauty to them. If you do, send me a photo at blackboard(at)geochalker(dot)com. I'd love to post images of Superforester Art Cars.

Video of me painting the car:

The Flickr Set can be found here:

But some of my favorites are:

People chalking it up at an art car gathering:

Fire and squiggles:

A random chalking:

Neal, that rules in so many ways. Thank you so much for the amazing post!

ANy other SuperForesters out there drive or seen any art cars? Send them on in: superforestnyc(at)gmail(dot)com.


Love to All,

SuperForester Jackson

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