Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rethinking Trash!

Good Evening!
Just saw this crazy chandelier on SwissMiss:

You may not want to hang this chandelier in your living room (or maybe you do?), but the concept is great. 

"Dutch Designer Anneke Jakobs collected discarded cartons in the street during her days as a student at the Utrecht School of Product Design. Ten cartons make up the luxe chandelier. Desktop paper fasteners hold it all together."

It is from a site called Point Click Home, where they have an article with a bunch of well designed products, all made out of items that normally end up in the trash. 

Take a look, they have some great looking stuff:

This is made out of 334 newspapers the artist collected off the street.

This is made from 100% domestic recycled plastic waste.

This chandelier is made from hundreds of discarded plastic stirrers.

These lamps are made from bottom of clear bottles.

These lamps are made from used plastic packaging. 

For more information on each of the artists that created these items, you can go to their site.

Of course, we prefer when trash is reused, but we love when it receives CPR, has a much longer life and looks even better than before! 

Thanks again to SwissMiss for the info!

Have a great evening,

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