Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Geeky Pillows

Everyone with a sofa needs pillows, right? But it's up to you if you choose for the standard pillows they can instantly get you with your sofa or if you choose for something cool, something out of the ordinary. This is Throwboy.

Throwboy makes pillows that could be classified as geeky. The above picture is a somewhat artistic photograph of the company's iChat pillow. (For the windows-users the pillow in the picture is the icon of Mac's iChat). As a matter of fact Throwboy has got a lot of Mac-application-logos available as pillow. So you can create your own real-life non-virtual dock!

But there's more. Soon they are going to release pillows saying wtf, noob, ttyl and brb. Also there are pillows in the making that resemble RSS-icons.
How awesome, pillows finally start to make sens in this internet-aggregated world!


1 comment:

iman said...

Cool pillows! What an interesting (and geeky) take on such a common household item! I want one with a SuperForest logo...