Friday, November 7, 2008

SuperForest Redesigned!

Good Morning All!

You may have noticed that the layout of SF has changed recently.
This is actually for an interesting reason. Well, two interesting reasons:

The first is that visually it looks nicer to have more room for our posts to breathe, and the second is that the blogger template is set up so that you have lots of room on either side to sell advertising space.

Since we will NEVER have advertising on SF, that space has been recaptured for our sweet sweet content.

Fun, right? When I go to sites and blogs, there parts of the page I don't even bother looking at. The same goes for magazines and television.

We've gotten so good as a culture at tuning out the advertising, that traditional advertising is dying away. So, an interesting question is: "how then will goods and services be advertised?"

Like this, son!

Much love and hope you like the new look.

Jackson and Team SuperForest

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