Wednesday, November 5, 2008


It's not a shocking fact when I tell you New York is a big city, neither is it when I tell you it's close to New Jersey. But have you ever wondered what is between New York City and New Jersey? What fills up the gap? What area you have to go through if you want to travel when going from NY to NJ or the other way around?

The Meadowlands. It's the area you go through when visiting acquaintances that live in the State next door, it's an area that's rural instead of urban and thus can't compare to New York, it's an area most New Yorkers haven't even heard about. So what does life look like in this 32 square mile district that's only being used for passing-through and neglected for the rest? That's pretty much what the New York based photographer Josua Lutz asked himself.

For the past ten years Lutz focused his attention and camera on the Meadowlands, an area where life stood still, an area that totally contradicts New York. And created a solid collection of desperate, emotional photographs that often make you wonder how that can be so close to NYC.
Not unlike a neglected child, the Meadowlands has grown up without guidance, constantly unsure of what the future holds. It is this loneliness and solitude that continues to bring me back year after year. - Lutz on his photo series

This is probably one of my favorites. Showing a black mother with presumably two of her children sitting somewhere in the Meadowlands, this photograph probably depicts "unsure what the future holds" best. Lutz' gems are available on his website, they're even printable. The pictures are also available in print and Lost At E Minor interviewed the photographer in question a few weeks ago.



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great post!

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I had never really thought about that general area, Great post/picture!