Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pizza Stats

This is what you get when you order a pizza at one of the twenty pizzerias that The Economist picked for their new advertisement campaign. It is, as a matter of fact, a genuine pizza. The only thing that got pimped for a bit is the box.

Economic magazine The Economist bought some space on pizza boxes (honestly, I didn't knew that was for sale) and they filled it with some ads like the one above. It shows a pie chart that contains data on where the US gets their mushrooms. For the people that are having a hard time reading the tiny text in the chart, 96.8% of the US mushrooms comes from Canada.

Besides this mushroom-chart they have got some others. For example about arable land by country. All the ads are pizza-related though. Quite an original way of advertising, and oh so clever. (If you think about it, it's also good for the environment because paper that would have been used otherwise to print the ad on is now replaced by a pizza box that would have been consumed anyway!)



Anonymous said...

If you ever come to New Haven, CT, you must go to Pepe's on Wooster Street for the best pizza on the plant. You might have to wait in line, but it's worth it. DaveR

carla said...

Brilliant advertising indeed, I had always wondered where US mushrooms came from...