Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Red Camera Makes Obsolescence Obsolete.

The Red Digital Cinema Camera Company is turning out to be the little company that could.

A short while ago, Red execs stood up at a trade conference and announced their intention to build a digital camera capable of capturing resolution as yet unheard of. Better yet, the cameras would be cheap, rugged, and modular, with obsolescence built right out. And they were going to do it in a year.

They were laughed at...

Who's laughing now?

We are all laughing now! Everybody now gets insane resolution at amazing prices!

This means that all of the existing "top of the line" digital devices will be going for pennies two years from now. Everybody wins.

An whole new era of digital film making is just beginning, and the Red camera will be responsible for jump-starting it.

Wired.com has a great article on the Red.

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That is so cool! Seriously, that Red makes me flush!