Thursday, November 20, 2008

Remind Me

Back in 2002 the Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp released a single, Remind Me. That's not much of a specialty since most acts release singles. And singles are accompanied by music videos. As was Remind Me, now, the music video was so good it won the MTV Award for Best Music Video. Please forgive me if you already knew all this information but back in 2002 I was aged 10 so the MTV Awards back then kind of passed me by. So for me all this savvy was new.

When I was browsing Vimeo the other night the very music video appeared on my dashboard, so I watched it. For the first time since I was ten back in 2002. And this was what they showed me.

In my humble opinion it's excellence in four minutes and eleven seconds. In case the electronic music can't please you the graphics are worthwhile. Extremely worthwhile.
It shows the everyday of an office worker somewhere in England, you have to watch it a couple of times to see all the infographics that are flying through the video but that adds up to all the fun.

And oh boy, that song is good. But that could just be me.


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iman said...

AHH! I had that song stuck in my head the other day and I had no idea who it was by. How awesome!