Sunday, November 2, 2008

Free Music From GOTV and Rock the Vote!

Just got an email in from SuperForester Matt, who writes:

"Hey Jackson,
Hope life is treating you well (though I'm sure it's probably crazy).

I just wanted to say hi and let you know about a GOTV project that I put together with some of our friends and Rock The Vote.

Here's the rundown:

We're giving away free music from Maroon 5, Sara Bareilles, Phantom Planet, Ry Cuming, Raining Jane, Michael Franti, Menomena and more to people that Pledge to Vote.

It takes less than a minute. I know you are probably crazy busy right now, but seriously -- less than a minute.

Just pledge to vote at: Rock the Vote/Facebook and gain access to the free music.

You may have a couple of the songs, but others like Ry's song “Home” and Menomena's song “Wet and Rusting” are pretty incredible and definitely worth the one minute to get access to them. Check them out.

Also, if you've already pledged, there is a login at the bottom of the pledge form that will let you gain access to the music.

Hurry, because this is going to end tomorrow night (Monday).

If you dig the music or support the concept, please let your facebook friends (or even real friends) know about it. I know they'll love the music.


Thank YOU Matty-poo!

Y'all heard the man. Want some free biddy doo shoo wap bam! in your ear pieces?

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