Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Anti-Love Potion Number Nine?

John Tierney has a very interesting article up over at about love potions. Yes, very real love potions. For voles, that is.

Even more interesting are the anti-love potions being developed to help protect you (the voles) from the love potions.

Says Dr. Larry Young, a scientist developing this technology at Emory University:

“It would be completely unethical to give the drug to someone else,” he said, “but if you’re in a marriage and want to maintain that relationship, you might take a little booster shot yourself every now and then. Even now it’s not such a far-out possibility that you could use drugs in conjunction with marital therapy.”
Here's Dr. Larry's full article on vole amour.

Can we just call this one? Are we all wizards and witches now?

Love potions for prairie dogs? Segways? iPhones? The internet?

We're all like, love potion makin', telepathic, livin' forever with stem cells and organ printing, communo-love-wizards.

Tell me I'm wrong.
No, text me: you'43 wr0n9!
No, no, email me: you're wrong!

I'm not wrong. Humans are awesome.

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