Friday, January 9, 2009

Best. Gift. Ever. = Titanium Halligan Bar

Good Morning SuperForest!

We've posted about Halligan bars and their utter gift supremacy before, but nothing could prepare my bloggy self for the sheer joyous thrill that rang through my spine when first I hefted my very own new Halligan bar!

My dear brother, SuperForester Will, saw fit in his infinite generosity and wisdom to provide me with the best zombie-fightin', door-smashing, get me the heck into/outta here tool in the world.

In high tensile strength titanium, no less.

Less than half the weight of steel!
Will NEVER rust!
Electrical conductivity = 1/6th of steel!
Heat conductivity = 1/8th of steel!

5.25 pounds of pure, unadulterated awesomeness! The kind of awesomeness one can hand down to countless heirs. That's "heirloom quality" awesomeness!

And the bestest part? It has eyelets for a strap!!!


This year, give someone you love the gift that will never wear out, and can be used to escape from countless zombies: a titanium Halligan bar.

I swear, it just purred at me.

Nothing says "dapper gent" like a titanium smashing tool.

Will ordered mine from the fine people at Tico Titanium Inc. in good ol' Michigan.

A special thanks to my brother, who is the best brother in the history of siblings.


tvieger said...

I knew you were a man after my own heart! I just ordered a tomahawk survival tool!!! (Basically a smaller version if this with a small hatchet blade)

Sooooo coooooool!

jackson said...

Oooooh! I've got "tool jealousy." That sounds pretty Freudian...

spoon said...