Thursday, January 15, 2009

Coalition of the Thrilling - The Seedling Sprouts!

Good Afternoon SuperForest!

This monday, three days ago, we put out a call to our readers and fellow bloggers to join us in a little uh... exercise? No, exercise isn't this fun... Thought game? No, this has real world results...


That's it, adventure!

We asked our fellow bloggers to join the Save-A-Seed Coalition, a group with two simple goals, talk about the Millennium Seed Bank and the Save-A-Seed Coalition, and link to both.

The goal is to get as many people as possible to learn about and link to the Millennium Seed Bank and each other.

Anyone can join, all you must do is post and link.

We figure that it will appeal to people to think: If you can't save the forest, you can save one seed.

And that is all we're hoping to do: save one seed.

Let us spread our net-roots wide, save one seed, and then see if we can't save two.

But just one for now.


So, we put out the word on Monday and now the Save-A-Seed Coalition is beginning to take form:

SuperForester Jesse was kind enough to mention the Millennium Seed Bank and the SASC on the Maroon 5 blog, which helped considerably.

SuperForester Cliff joined Save-A-Seed and mentioned the MSB on three of his blogs:

SuperForester Maaja joined and posted:

As did SuperForester Laurie:

And SuperForester Neal:

And SuperForester Sonja:

As did SuperForester Shawna:

Not even a week old and already the Save-A-Seed Coalition is twenty blogs strong, with more than thirty bloggers pitching in and more to come.

SuperForester Christine and myself will be working tomorrow night on a series of splashy logos for members to proudly display on their sites, should they choose.

Join the SASC!

All you've got to do is post about the Millennium Seed Bank:

And the existence of the SASC:

Thank you to all of those who have contributed their time and energy. We'll save that seed yet.

Love to All,

Jackson and Team SuperForest

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