Sunday, January 4, 2009

SuperForest Gets Stumbleupon'ed!

Good Morning SuperForest!

Something wonderful has happened!

I needed a bit of time to fully process it, so my apologies for not writing about it sooner.

Last month an article on SuperForest about Michel Bayard, NYC's pinhole camera master, got picked up by makezine, which then got picked up by stumbleupon.

As a result, this article has now been viewed more than 130,000 times!


For this little blog to get a hundred thousand of anything is pretty darn good-feeling-making, but to have folks really express an interest in a great man and his incredible talents is just icing city. (As in an entire city made of icing.)

I hope this leads to further recognition of Michel Bayard and his prodigious gifts, and an increased appreciation for street art and street artists. Remember, there is treasure everywhere!

A massive "Thank you" to whomever the kind souls were who suggested us to makezine and to stumbleupon. Thank you very much. You've thrilled this humble blog!


Anonymous said...

that is awesome! a few days after i saw the post about michel bayard, i went to find him in union square and purchased one of his photographs as a christmas present. i told him i'd read about him on a blog and he said "oh yes, forest something, right?" and was happy that your post had led just one person to find him. exciting that so many people found out about him!

Jenn said...

You totally deserve it -- your positivity and fun spirit are contageous in that very, very good way :)

Kudos on the achievement!