Friday, January 16, 2009

SuperForest Celebrity: The Guitar-tistry of Buddy Clontz!

How oh how did I find Buddy Clontz?

It's like a fever dream... The sweltering wastelands of endless youtube videos... searching for an instructional video... Who will clearly illustrate how to play "Please Please Me" on guitar?... So many dead ends... So much that is unhelpful... and then... Buddy Clontz.

Stumbling onto the many instructional videos that Buddy Clontz has uploaded is like wandering out of a dessert and finding a Pinkberry.

Let us begin...

Firstly, Mr. Clontz's masterly take on "Please Please Me":

After watching many people fumble through sketchy versions of "Please Please Me," Finding Mr Clontz's video was a revelation.

(Mr. Clontz, may I refer to you as Buddy? Buddy is just too friendly to resist.)

Next, Buddy puts his skilled fingers to the task of George Harrison's track "Beware of Darkness" off of 1970's All Things Must Pass.

Buddy can do more than just Beatles. Watch him tear up "Wind Cries Mary":

Buddy's quiver of excellent covers is practically overflowing.
He does Kinks, Byrds, Cream, Hendrix, Zeppelin. He's amazing.

I think it's the mix of the deadpan expression, unforgettable name, high skill level, and sensitive attention to detail that really makes Buddy work for me.

Plus, he lists every guitar he's playing on at he beginning of each vid!

As you watch Buddy's videos, which I have for many hours now, you slowly get to know this interesting man. Because he seems to shoot only in his "music room" but in many directions, you eventually get a feel for the room, and the little details begin to stick out.

Buddy's Beatle memorabilia. His classic rock poster collection. His Marshall stack. His good luck strap.

Thank you for uploading these to youtube, Buddy.

Of all the videos, one stands out, because it is the only one with a light show, and one of the few when Buddy is standing.

Here's Buddy's take on Cream's "White Room":


Take us out, Buddy. Do that voodoo that you do so well.

For further guitar-tistry, here's Buddy's youtube page.


BC said...

Thank you for the kind words! I will be posting many more covers on You Tube as time permits so keep tuning in! I might even jump back out there to do a few live performances before I get too old so watch out! :-)
-Buddy Clontz
Visit for a look at some fun stuff!

spoon said...

I could watch these all day. Probably will too.