Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cyclecide - Bike Rodeo

A few days ago the television show of one of my favorite blogs premiered on US television. I'm talking about Make. There is no excuse for anyone to miss this fantastic show because all the individual fragments are available through the major video sites (YouTube, Vimeo). But, and this is even better, the entire show can also be downloaded for free, legal.

Anyway, I'm not here to talk about my fascination for Makezine. So on the premiere episode was this a-ma-zing feature about Cyclecide, a San Fransisco based group of people that do the impossible with bikes. They have a couple of hard-core, highly creative bicycle engineers that create awesome stuff. What? I'll show you.

At first sight this seems just a regular carousel. It is, in fact, but the Cyclofuge Swing (as it's official name goes) is not powered by electricity or steam. No, it's powered by none other then us humans. If you look carefully there are four people at the center pedaling like a bunch of crazymen just to keep the four other people in the swing seats going.

The best of all is that the Cyclofuge Swing has been create out of old bicycle parts that have been recovered from dump yard. Isn't that like the furthest end of awesomity you know?

The Cyclecides do way more with bikes. They make tall bikes, mini bikes, flame-throwing bikes, inverted steering bikes, swinging bikes and even instrumental bikes.
So, if you think you're ready for a dose of pure awesomeness, a fair share of humor and a perfect piece of engineering you should absolutely check out the Cyclecide feature from Make Television; here it is. (Or check out the official Cyclecide website of course).

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