Monday, January 19, 2009

A Moving Day for SuperForest!

Good Morning SuperForest!

As the morning progresses you might notice that SuperForest looks a bit different today.
That's because we are now hosting our own site on our own server space!

AND we've redesigned things to make searching for your favorite SuperForest posts easy! Want to read all of the posts by a single SuperForester? Just click their name.


So we must say a fond "Aloha" to Blogger, which has worked so beautifully for us, as we say "Hello" to Wordpress.

In addition to the increased ease of use, hosting our own site also allows us to grow in some exciting new ways. Now, we can have our own wiki, our own chat rooms, our own social networking site.

In short SuperForest is shaping up. If you like your content elevating, your discussions thought provoking, and your DIY info so tantalizingly informative, well, you know where to go...!

We sincerely hope you enjoy the redesign and the increased usability.

Love to All,

Team SuperForest

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